Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist.

My name is Tracey Winskill and I am based in Hornchurch, Essex and I provide massage therapy for patients in Hornchurch and the surrounding areas like Romford, Upminster, Rainham, Basildon, Brentwood and Ilford.

I am trained in a number of specialised areas like Pregnancy, TMJ, Carple Tunnel, Back Pain, Siatica and stress. I have been doing massages for around 25 years.

I have two medical degrees and people don’t realise that you can fix and handle so much for a skilled therapist. It’s not just all about relaxation. I actually have the skills and knowledge to take a condition that a GP would usually prescribe anti inflammatory and pain killers for, and then effectively using various techniques help the area of pain.

There are very few of us trained and skilled with these qualifications. I am the only one in ESSEX for a start. Many therapists will have some kind of certificate to allow them to practice but have no anatomy knowledge! Been to them myself…I know!

People ask me..so what are you? Are you a Chiropractor? are you a Physic therapist? Well, Im called a Soft Tissue Specialist. I have some Chiropractic skills under by belt but I do not do any cracking…this I leave to my colleagues in the industry called Chiropractors, or Osteopaths. Like every therapist there are both good and bad out there so do your research carefully should you need one.

So what do I treat?


Shoulder pain (Various Rotator cuff conditions) Back Pain Wrist and hand pain (Carpal Tunnel) Various nerve impingements Do you suffer from headaches? Lets have a look…

Neck pain

Tennis Elbow (Radial Epicondylitis – Pain on the outside of the elbow) Golfers Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis – Pain on the inside of the elbow) Pregnancy (Im qualified to treat all three trimesters) TMJ (Jaw conditions) Tension/stress


The Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and sometimes measures around 2cm. This is a lots of nerve! Its formed by the spinal nerves of L4 through to S3 (thoes are simply names given to each individual spinal process to help practitioners pin point an exact position…each spinal segment has a name). This simply means sort of halfway down your back spine down to the bottom…This nerve travels down the posterior thigh (outside of your leg) it reaches the knee and divides into the tibial and perineal nerves. The Sciatic nerve runs deep into the piriformis muscle (in your bottom cheek) there is a lot of potential for this muscle to compress onto the Sciatic nerve causing that shooting pain down the leg…so its not always a spinal compression causing the pain. In this case a spinal crack adjustment may the condition worse. I may not be able to sort this out in one session but I can assure you I will do my very best to get the most out of your body, and don’t be upset if I send you away with some homework! This is not a condition that has a quick fix. By working with me…this will also save you money, because you will help by working along side me.

Shoulder Pain:

Lots of things happen to shoulders. The shoulder or Rotary cuff muscles…that lie in the scapula (shoulder blade bone) For those of you interested these babies are called the Supraspinatus (right on top) Infraspinatus (lies underneath) Trees Minor (tucks underneath) and Subscapularis (this little baby is on the underside of the bone…you cant get to all of it…just bits here and there and boy it has a tendancy to be very tender!) These muscles can tear, they get tight and lock down to stop movement in the arm. Ever heard of a frozen shoulder? (Adesive capsulitis) This is a condition that affects your shoulder joint. Your Shoulder joint is made up of 3 bones that form a ball and socket. (Your scapula, previously mentioned, your upper arm (humerous bone) and clavicle which is your collarbone) Now what happens is the capsule becomes thick and tight and gradually harder and harder to move…the sooner you get it looked at and treated the better for you. I have known cases that people cannot put their clothes on anymore. Its no joke if you have this condition as it stops the movement in the arm. If you have any other painful conditions in your shoulder, just talk to me about it.

Back Pain:

WOW…where does one start?! So many people suffer from back pain. Think its more uncommon to not have back pain these days. The information about backs can fill pages and pages. What I can tell you is this…you only have one back. If you can at all costs avoid an operation I would consider it. Many operations on the back are extremely successful…but not all of them. Once you cut that bit open…boy…its a story! Now look…if there is degeneration in the spine…you cannot fix this…or if you have a spondylosis (lover back compression in L4 and L5 (them right at the bottom) ) you cannot fix this. One nowever can do things to help…strengthen and bring some relief. As much as I hate surgery, todays technology is very advanced and they are getting better at it…if you have no other alternative. If you have arthritis in the spine…you have to be very careful not to aggravate it. Please bear in mind its much easier to like down than to get the body to move…and often getting it going is better for you than letting it lock down even more. The best thing to do is talk to me about your individual needs and we can take it form there.

Carpal Tunnel:

This is a painful wrist condition when you impinge the median nerve as it travels through the wrist. The main symptoms are pain numbness and tingling in the thumb index and middle fingers. The Dr will usually choose an operation..they cut the band of fat (fascial) that goes round the wrist and holds the nerve in place…they don’t know that I can actually fix this…so give me a go before opting for surgery. Remember scar tissue is a lot tougher than ordinary tissue and can cause its own pain and tightness…this I can also sort out for you…melting down scar tissue is not an instant fix too..so just be aware.

Various repetitive strain pains:

Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow are two of many repetitive strain conditions. This is simply an inflammation of the epicondyle of the bone in your elbow…so easy to fix up…and I can show you what to do yourself if it rears its ugly head again in the future…:) If you have pain and you have any questions about the pain in your arms…or pain traveling down the arms…this could be coming from you neck…let me take a look and I can tell you… If you simply just don’t know…hey give me a call…

Neck Pain:

A number of you suffer from neck pain especially if you sit at a desk…drive a car or any vehicle, a number of you hold your tension in your neck…if the pain travels down your arm or if you get headaches…it might be coming from your neck. I will write soon about the neck…so watch this space!! 🙂 In the meantime just give me a ring and I’ll sort it out…


Congratulations if you are pregnant! WOW sooo much going on in the body…its all moving..changing…and…every single day. Odd cravings…weird feelings…crazy sensations… there is a little life growing inside you with needs, and you have to facilitate all of them. Complications can occur. If this is your first baby…that comes with all kinds of anxiety and worries. Well, Im here! I will take you through the entire process if you want me to, and after the baby is born…Im still here for you should you want the extra care. Im one of the few practitioners that can treat all three trimesters and if you have had children already…dont forget each one is different…no two are the same…so even if you think…mm I know the drill…this one might surprise you! The more pregnant you are the more we will work on your side… I have a nice warm bed…hot stones…smells or NO smells as you so feel you need…and lots of soft cushions to position baby so they nice and comfy. We will also talk to each other through the entire treatment if that is what you need…and I can work with your needs…if you need a pee…welll….off you will go and when you come back…we carry on… its very stress free, and I will take very good care of you.

Stress and Tension:

A lot of us in this day in age have very stressful jobs or home lives. Having a massage is the only time where this is all about you. This is your time and your time only. Even if you have a partner… your attention is still on the other person…this…this is just for you. Tell me when does the average person get 2hours of pure their time? You are safe, taken care of and I will know exactly what you need to have you leave feeling like a million dollars. I have nice heated towels and bed (except in summer thats just crazy!) and soft music, I use luxurious hot stones to facilitate the most amazing relaxation process…we can chat or if you need me to shut up….I can do that too.

NOW…let me make one thing very clear. Im a skilled therapist. Im not a call girl ok…so gentlemen…I do not do any sexual favours and that is not negotiable. I have seen on other websites that they too say this…and then…two lines down promote sexual treatments! NOT ME! There are enough unqualified ladies out there if that is what you are after. Im a very kind caring person…but if you come with tears and pleading…you’ll get a stern telling off and oh dear the dreaded pointing waving finger!

Now…on a different note…Im very easy to talk to and if you have a particular concern in that (not to mention area) you are safe to discuss any issues that you have. I will do my best to advise professionally with your concerns.


You need to give yourself at least 2h and the treatment cost is just £80

I do not discriminate; men and woman are very welcome.

You are safe and cared for under my skilled hands.

Give me a call and we can discuss your treatment in more detail.  I look forward to hearing from you.


 With hundreds of satisfied and cured patients I believe that this is the best value professional advanced massage therapy available.

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